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Red Lion
Tie-Rod 2500 PSI - TX Series
Tie-Rod 2500 PSI - TL Series
Tie-Rod 3000 PSI

Tie-Rod 2500 PSI
Tie-Rod 3000 PSI

BVA High Force Tools

Cylinder Accessories
Pump/Cylinder Combinations
Hand Pumps
Air/Hydraulic Pumps
Gasoline, Electric Power Units
H-Frame Presses
Maintenance Kits
Bottle Jacks
Various Accessories

  Power Units
AC View All
DC Power Units
    Pressure & Tank Port
    Single-Acting (Lift, Check & Dump)
    Double-Acting (Holds Load On One Port)
    Double-Acting (Holds Load On Both Ports)
    Dual Double-Acting (Holds Load On Four Ports)
    Manual Double-Acting
    Pump/Motor Unit
    Control Pendants

Wireless controllers

HYDRAULICSET™ gas engine
Gas engine Add-Ons

Clutch pumps Permco
Gear Type, Delta Power 'C' Series
Gear SAE A 2 bolt Honor
Gear SAE AA 2 bolt Honor
Gear type Permco M2100
Gear type Permco P5151
Gear type Prince SP20
Gear type Prince SP25
Gear type PTO mount
Hi-Lo Pump MTE
Vickers V10 Vane Pumps
Vickers V20 Vane Pumps
Vickers 20V Vane Pumps
Vickers 25V Vane Pumps
Vickers 35V Vane Pumps
Vickers 45V Vane Pumps
Vickers 20VQ Vane Pumps
Vickers 25VQ Vane Pumps
Vickers 35VQ Vane Pumps
Vickers 45VQ Vane Pumps
Rexroth A10VSO28 Piston Pumps
Rexroth A10VSO45 Piston Pumps
Rexroth A10VSO71 Piston Pumps
Rexroth A10VSO100 Piston Pumps
Rexroth A10VSO140 Piston Pumps
Yuken Piston Pumps
Char-Lynn J series 
Char-Lynn S series 
Char-Lynn 2000 series 
Char-Lynn 4000 series 
Char-Lynn 6000 series 
Char-Lynn 10000 series 
Char-Lynn H series
    2 bolt pipe
2 bolt oring

    4 bolt pipe
4 bolt oring
Sauer Danfoss DH series
    2 bolt pipe

    4 bolt pipe
Delta Power DM High Speed
    DM Series High Speed
Steering Units
Char-Lynn Steering Units
Char-Lynn Steering Columns
Char-Lynn Steering Wheel
  Directional Control Valves
Bucher stackable valves 11gpm
Bucher stackable valves 16.5gpm
Delta cartridges in body
Yuken industrial CETOP / NFPA
     valves D03 , D05
D03 sandwich valves
D05 sandwich valves
2-Position hydraulic valves 2-Way,
                    3-Way & 4-Way Delta


Bucher monoblock valves 12gpm
Bucher stackable valves 12gpm
Bucher stackable valves 17gpm
Bucher stackable valves 21gpm
Log splitter valve
Manual DC 3 way 3 position
Manual DC 4 way 3 position cyl
Prince relief valves
Prince 20 series directional
Prince 5000 series
Prince RD series
Prince SV series
Prince selector valves


  Coils & Manifolds
Daman Manifolds 
Cartridge manifolds 
Delta Power Coils

Hydraforce 08 Coils

Hydraforce 10 Coils

  Selector Valves

Selector Valve Kits, SelectPLUS
Circuit Selectors

Poppet Selector Valve Kits, PoppetPLUS
Accessory Valves
Air bleed
Ball valves
    2000 psi carbon steel 
    3000 psi carbon steel 

Cartridge needle
Cartridge velocity fuse
Double pilot operated check
Industrial relief
Check Valves, High Pressure
Inline flow control Deltrol
    EF series brass 
    EF series steel 
    F series brass 
    F series steel 

Inline flow control PC
Inline needle valves Deltrol
    EN series brass 
    EN series steel 
    N series brass 
    N series steel 

Manual DC 2W2P
Pilot operated check

Load Sense Shuttle Valve
  Sequence Valves
Sequence valves (dual)
Tanks, Strainers, Other
Reservoir Breathers
Flow Meters - inline
Strainers - Suction
Tanks - Side-Mount Steel
Tanks - JIC Style
Tanks - L-Shaped

  Flow Dividers
Flow divider - combiner valves
Flow divider Delta gear
    T-465HPU Hand Pump 
    Economy Hand Pump 
    Economy Foot Pump 
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Custom hose assemblies of any type made and shipped same day. Call for inquires.
        Air conditioning 
        General purpose 
        General purpose marine 
        1 wire 
        2 wire 
        3000 psi  
        Power steering 
        Truck, air brake, & fuel 
        Very high pressure

     3000 psi 1/2"
     Pressure washer hose 
 Hose Protectors 
 Looms & Spacers
 Protective hose sleeve
Spiral hose wrap
     Light wall
     Heavy wall
 Hose saw / blades 
Hydraulic steel
Plastic Tubing (Polyethylene)
Nylon Tubing (Nylon 11)

Hydraulic Bladder Accumulators 
Charging and Gauging Kit/Parts 
Accumulator accessories 
Bladder Repair Kits