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  • Gas Engine Power Units
  • Battery included on electric start models
  • Unit packed and shipped in quality wooden crate
  • Painted blue
  • Return filter: 10 Micron (filler/breather integral), #12 O-Ring Port
  • Suction filter: 100 Mesh with 5 PSI bypass
  • Ports: #12 O-Ring (Pressure & Tank)
  • Gauge: Liquid filled S.S. Case 0-3000 on 1500 PSI maximum power units, Liquid filled S.S. Case 0-5000 on 3000 PSI maximum power units
  • Tank:10 gallon, fully baffled, 12 gauge steel
  • Level sight/temperature gauge standard
  • Relief Valve: Preset to power units' maximum pressure capability (see chart)
  • Pumps: high performance pressure balanced aluminum body gear pump or rugged cast iron fixed clearance "high-low" pumps
  • Tank drain plugs: #8 O-Ring (x2), use for motor case drains, returns, or drains
  • Fully tested before shipment, engine oil on board
  • All-weather 10 weight hydraulic oil recommended, ATF satisfactory
  • Replacement components available from stock
  • *Indicates the use of a "high-low" pump, high volume at low pressure, low volume at high pressure
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