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  • Here is the answer to clean up complicated and unsightly hydraulic plumbing on your truck's hydraulic system. Simply plumb this 'pressure & tank' manifold assembly into your truck's pressure line from the pump and to the return line going to the tank. This valve acts as a main system relief with the added benefit of a gauge to read system pressure. Reduce the headache of plumbing your truck today and utilize this professional hydraulic solution on your equipment. You'll be glad you did!
  • Hydraulic couplers Can be Mounted Directly to the Manifold
  • Removes Leak Points
  • Easily Plumbed
  • Professional and Clean Appearance
  • Hydraulic System: All, Fixed and Variable Displacement Pumps
  • Primarily Used on Trucks to Limit System Working Pressure
  • Used on Any System Where a Pressure Limiting Device is Required
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