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  • This solution is designed specifically for tandem hydraulic pump setups
  • Here is the answer to clean up complicated and unsightly hydraulic plumbing on your truck's hydraulic system. Simply plumb this dual 'pressure & tank' manifold assembly into your truck's pressure lines from the pumps and to the return line going to the tank. This valve acts as a main system relief with the added benefit of gauges to read system pressure. Reduce the headache of plumbing your truck today and utilize this professional hydraulic solution on your equipment. You'll be glad you did!
  • Hydraulic couplers Can be Mounted Directly to the Manifold
  • Removes Leak Points
  • Easily Plumbed
  • Professional and Clean Appearance
  • Hydraulic System: All, Fixed and Variable Displacement Pumps
  • Primarily Used on Trucks to Limit System Working Pressure
  • Used on Any System Where a Pressure Limiting Device is Required
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