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  • Aluminum Construction
  • When the inlet port is pressurized, the exhuast port is closed by the diaphragm or "flapper" which is a soft material and the inlet port is connected with the cylinder port. When pressure falls at the inlet of the quick exhaust valve, the cylinder port is automatically opened to the exhaust and the cylinder is rapidly depressurized.
  • Instantaneous dumping of air allows use of smaller valves and piping
  • Eliminates the need for large directional control vales ordinarily required to accommodate exhuast air moving back through the pneumatic system
  • Substantial front end savings and beter operating efficiency result from the use of smaller air system components
  • Smoother, faster cylinder operation and wider application of air-powered motions are obtained
  • The diaphragm or "flapper" assures instantaneous and complete venting of exhaust air from cylinders, air presses and other air-operated equipment
  • Buna-N Diaphragm: 0°F to 240°F
  • Viton Diaphragm: 0°F to 400°F
  • 20 PSI - 125 PSI Operating Pressure
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ImageItem #Mfr. NumberDiaphragm MaterialInlet Port NPTFCylinder Port NPTFExhaust Port NPTFMin. PSI Diaphragm ShiftPriceOrder Qty.
6503101EV125ABuna-N1/8"1/4"1/4"5 $18.74 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503100EV125A2Buna-N1/4"1/4"1/4"5 $18.74 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503103EV20A2Buna-N1/4"1/4"3/8"8 $19.09 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503105EV20A2VViton1/4"1/4"3/8"8 $24.84 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503106EV25A2Buna-N3/8"3/8"3/8"8 $20.55 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503107EV25A2VViton3/8"3/8"3/8"8 $27.35 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503109EV30A2Buna-N1/2"1/2"3/4"3 $30.49 / EACH
Usually ships in 2-3 week(s)
6503111EV30A2VViton1/2"1/2"3/4"3 $41.08 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503112EV35A2Buna-N3/4"3/4"3/4"3 $32.65 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
6503115EV35A2VViton3/4"3/4"3/4"3 $43.41 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
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