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  • The G1620 Series back mount closed circuit sight gages provide front viewing of the fl uid level through a clear sight glass
  • Integral to the sight gage is a thermometer contained within a white colored card for direct reading of the fluid temperature
  • The white colored card helps draw eye contact to the fluid level quickly
  • Fluid level visible from front of gage (.75 inches wide)
  • Clear glass sight
  • Card thermometer (3.00" centerline only), dual scale 60°F to 180°F graduations
  • Card thermometer (on 5.00" and 10.00" centerline), dual scale 0°F to 220°F graduations
  • Suitable for use with most hydraulic and machine lubricating oils
  • Aluminum gage body and mounting bolts
  • Buna N or Fluorocarbon (Viton) seals
  • Borosilicate glass sight
  • Red color alcohol within thermometer bulb
  • Zinc plated, steel locknuts
  • Not recommended for use with water, steam, acidic fluids, caustic fluids and volatile fluids
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ImageItem #Mfr. NumberMounting CentersWidthLengthSealViewing WindowMaterialMale PipePriceOrder Qty.
1232519G1620-03-A-13"1"4.62"Buna1.37" x 0.75"Aluminum1/2" -20 UNF $30.82 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
1232520G1620-10-A-110"1"11.62"Buna8.37" x 0.75"Aluminum1/2" -20 UNF $37.66 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
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