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  • "VD" Screw to Connect Under Pressure Coupling Series
  • Connection under residual pressure is allowed in one side
  • The poppet valve with elastomer seal provides maximum sealing of the couplings when disconnected
  • Shape of internal parts is designed to reduce turbulence and pressure drop
  • The modular design allows for broad range of port configurations
  • External O-Ring indicates if the product is fully connected, prevent accidental disconnection and protect coupling against dirt
  • Male body sealing surface protected by the threaded sleeve
  • High resistance to pressure impulses
  • Compact design, Simple to use
  • Before coupling: clean the mating surface of the couplings to avoid dirt inclusion in the circuit
  • To connect insert the nipple in the coupler, screw the sleeve until positive stop (surface contact of two moving parts), do not push together the couplings, screw only
  • The use of tools for the second part of the connection can be necessary if there is high residual pressure in the circuit
  • Check inspection holes to ensure that the coupling is fully connected (no free space allowed)
  • To disconnect unscrew totally the sleeve from the nipple
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