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  • Two Types of Power Take-OFFs: Mechanical Shift (Standard) and Clutch Shift (Hot Shift)
  • Mechanical Shift (Standard): Those which are engaged when gears slide into mesh with each other. Commonly engaged by means of a lever, cable, or air pressure. Typically found on manual transmissions.
  • IMPORTANT: Operator must make certain that the transmission gears stop turning before engaging th PTO. Engaging a mechanical PTO with the transmission gears turning will result in PTO and/or transmission damage.

  • Clutch Shift (Hot Shift): Those which engage by use of clutch disks and friction plates. When hydraulic or air pressure is applied to an internal piston, the clutch disks and friction plates are forced together, engaging the PTO. This type of PTO can be engaged with the vehicle in motion, as long as the truck engine speed remains under 1000 RPM. This type of PTO is commonly found on automatic transmisions.
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