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  • This series can be used to replace grease fittings in new or existing applications
  • They can be mounted in any position horizontally, vertically, or inclined at any angle
  • Mating thread can be either standard pipe thread (NPT) or dryseal (NPTF) threads
  • Features a single point, spring loaded grease applicator which feeds each individual bearing only the amount of lubricant required
  • Economical to use valve or grease flow reducer which feeds only while bearing is in motion, flow of grease ceases when bearing stops
  • Quick visual refill check-colored stem indicator lowers to show when refill is needed
  • Lubricator comes standard with straight grease fitting
  • Rugged steel construction for maximum service life in harshest of conditions
  • Red (slow feed) for high ambient temperatures, close or tight fitting bearings, intermittent operations
  • Green (fast feed) for low ambient temperatures, loose fitting bearings, continuous operation
  • Standard Feed Rates:
  • No.1 for bearings up to 50 sq. in.
  • No.2 for bearings 50 to 100 sq. in.
  • No.3 for bearings 100 to 250 sq. in.
  • No.4 for bearings 250 to 400 sq. in.
  • Maximum operating temperatures up to 160°F
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ImageItem #Mfr. NumberSizeCapacityShank Male NPTFitting ThreadReservoir DIATotal HeightValve ColorBearing SizePriceOrder Qty.
1232368201452#10.5 oz1/8"-271/8"-271.25"4.15"Red0-50 sq. in $82.74 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
1232369201464#21.75 oz3/8"-181/4"-182.5"4.35"Red50-100 sq. in $128.71 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
1232370201465#21.75 oz3/8"-181/4"-182.5"4.35"Green50-100 sq. in $128.98 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
1232371201468#33.5 oz3/8"-181/4"-182.5"6.21"Red100-250 sq. in $142.22 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
1232372201469#33.5 oz3/8"-181/4"-182.5"6.21"Green100-250 sq. in $144.34 / EACH
Usually ships in 3 day(s)
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