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  • All gear type flow dividers will also combine flow.
  • Geared flow dividers accurately divide flow from a single hydraulic source into two or more equal or proportionate circuits. The input pressure required will be proportional to levels of flow/pressure out of the flow divider, rather than at the highest pressure level, saving what would normally be wasted energy. A proven design and precision machining are the keys to reliable performance you can depond on in a variety of applications.
  • Application Suggestions:

    1. For greatest efficiency and accuracy, use at near maximum rated inlet gallonage. For quieter operations, lowered RPM should be considered.

    2. A maximum of 3500 RPM and a minimum 500 RPM; inlet pressure ratings and differential pressure ratings should be followed.

    3. Provide over-pressure protection such as a relief valve in each circuit.

    4. When designing flow dividers into a static circuit, remember that they are dynamic devices which do nothing while static.

    5. Use SAE 10 through SAE 30 industrial petroleum-based hydraulic oil with 200 SSU viscosity; filter to 25 microns.

    6.Do not use Teflon tape in installation. Use liquid or plastic pipe sealant with NPTF threaded fittings or adapters.
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