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  • Zero-Lock Gold socket head standard (SAE J514/English)
  • Clear zinc plated finish. ASTM B633 FE/ZN Type V=Zinc 0.00035" minimum thickness.
  • Two seals, first seal is a metal-to-metal seal created by the engagement of a taper in the SAE J1926 or ISO 6149 port with a mating taper in the ZLG fitting design. The Engagement is several thousands of an inch long for minimal gap & high unit loading. This engagement also causes the removal torque to be greater than the insertion torque.
  • The second seal is an elastomeric O-ring seal located under the taper in the ZLG fitting, which acts as a backup seal should there be a failure with the primary seal. The O-ring cannot be extrudede onto the spot face of the port, which prevents ZLG plug form "backing out" as SAE J514 ORB Plug conterparts are prone to do. They also cannot be fored into the interface of the threads of the plug or port where it could be nibbled or damaged.
  • Thread port plugs which are interchangeable with plugs used in SAE J1926 standard ports.
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ImageItem #Mfr. NumberThreadAllen HexO-Ring SizeInstallation TorquePriceOrder Qty.
151300222S-S025/16" - 240.125"6.0mm x 1.5mm3.5 Ft Lbs $0.89 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
151300422S-S047/16" - 200.188"8.0mm x 1.5mm9 Ft Lbs $0.90 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
151300622S-S069/16" - 180.250"12.1mm x 1.6mm18 Ft Lbs $1.02 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
151300822S-S083/4" - 160.313"15.6mm x 1.78mm35 Ft Lbs $1.48 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
151301022S-S107/8" - 140.375"18.0mm x 2.0mm55 Ft Lbs $2.60 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
151301222S-S121-1/16" - 120.563"22.3mm x 2.4mm75 Ft Lbs $6.72 / EACH
In stock - Ships same day
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